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Dispatch Services for Truckers in USA, worth it?

Are you an Owner Operator looking for a Dispatch Company that puts you in control and helps you maximize your profits? Look no further!


At Freight Dispatch Services LLC, we pride ourselves on being the go-to partner for truckers who want to take charge of their business and earn more than ever before. Our exceptional services are designed to put you in the driver's seat, literally and figuratively.



We work with Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, and Power Only(s).

Usually, 5 days a week, our drivers earn:

$6000 - $7000 with a Dry Van

$6500 - $8000 with a Reefer

$5500 - $7000 with a Flatbed

$6000 - $8000 with a Power Only

TEAMS make $15 a week.


Contacts Ryan for references and more information @ 347) 391-6371



We will assign you a personal dispatcher who will find amazing loads for you for the whole week and that too, work in advance to book the best paying loads in the market. He/She will make sure you don't have to wait between the loads, will roam you around the best US lanes and make sure you reach home on time. Other than that, he will do your paper work, fill out the carrier packets, contact insurance in case of Insurance Holder Certificate, etc. He will do credit checks of the brokers to make sure we are working with A, B or at least C Grade. Basically, he will take care of everything so you can just drive and earn amazing money by the end of the week.




Why choose us?


What makes us different is that we get you loads paying $400 - $1100 extra than what the average market is paying EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Cost : We only charge 5% per load.



Our Legal Docs are attached below:


Join our family of satisfied truckers today and experience the difference of being in control of your destiny.

Contact Ryan at or give a call at (347) 391-6371 to learn more about how we can revolutionize your trucking business.

Drive your success with Freight Dispatch Services LLC!

-Ryan Fox


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